With intelligent video analysis, we know exactly what has happened and can take the right action with the customer, and we know what we need to do in the warehouse to prevent it from happening again. Our hope is to get an even more satisfied client – we will continue our successful work towards zero mistakes.

Daniel Burström, Logistics Unit Manager at Postnord TPL

We realized quite quickly that this tool helps both our customers and us to continuously improve. Immediately after the training, the quality assurance department found its first answers. Questions that have been difficult and time-consuming to investigate before now take just a few seconds to resolve.

Mattias Grönvall, Head of Operations at Nowaste Logistics

Examples of how you can use our system

Prevent errors before they occur

The artificial intelligence of the Logtech platform collects data from business or inventory management systems, and carries out real-time video analysis to check if the operator is doing right or wrong. If the operator makes a mistake, they can be notified by sound, light or image.

How it works

Streamline your customer service

When a customer calls the customer service team and asks about a damaged or missing delivery, the employee only needs to enter the order number, and then they immediately see what has happened on each order line. This means that your customer service team can give quick and straightforward answers, and less staff are required. You can even easily dispense with incorrect customer requests and refer cases relating to transport damage directly to the transport company.

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Get evidence that you did not cause the error

When an error occurs somewhere in the logistics chain, it is not uncommon for different actors to blame each other. With the SiB Solutions logtech platform, you can easily view exactly where and when the error occurred – or, in fact, when no error occurred at all.

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Continuously Improve your processes

There are many sources of errors in today’s inventory management and errors occur at all stages of the process. When you find out where and how the errors are happening, you can quickly set up the right actions, train the staff and sharpen your logistics.

Here's what can happen

Avoid incorrect inventory balance

Errors can also lead to incorrect inventory balance, which can be very costly. Of course, every lost item is a cost, and inventories and investigations are also expensive when trying to find out why the stock has a negative balance error. Another major problem is that the warehouse cannot deliver as planned when it is suddenly apparent that there are fewer items than expected. The most common cause of a negative balance error is that too much has been delivered to a customer – and the customer will rarely tell you that this happened. With SiB Solutions logtech platform you only need to search for the item number to quickly get an answer on how much has been picked for each customer.

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Do I need lots of cameras to cover the entire surface of the warehouse?

No, it is enough to cover some critical points, for example where the goods change owner such as a picking, packing, consolidation or loading point.

Can I film storage processes and comply with GDPR?

Yes, you get to film in the warehouse. The important thing is to clarify the purpose of filming, who can watch the material and how long the video sequences are saved for. We have a guide that goes through everything you need to know.