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This time it is the warehouse for Everfresh in Helsingborg, Sweden, that will start to use intelligent video analysis in the outbound logistics process.

Dragisa Jovanovic, Project Leader at Nowaste Logistics
– Using reusable crates and pallets is a significant commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

– We must, however, be in total control over the pallets we handle. This to control costs. Not one pallet should slip through.

– With WMS and RFID we can detect deviations. We add intelligent video service to instantly get a clear view on why a deviation happened, how to solve it and what to improve for it not to happen again.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions:
– When Nowaste Logistics faced the challenge with flawless control of reusable pallets, I was thrilled to be invited into the dialogue. Together we explored the possibilities, and quickly saw that our service will solve this need in a smart and very efficient way.

Thank you Nowaste Logistics for once again trusting us into your warehouse operations!

Published: June 29, 2021