How it works

The logtech platform combines intelligent software and video


Videos and data are collected from different parts of the logistics process


The video material is processed locally and converted to metadata

Add data

Data from logistics systems and processes can be added


Artificial intelligence analyses all data


You can easily fix errors retroactively by searching the video material with references such as order number, package ID or part number


The solution prevents real-time problems, and guides the operator to do the right thing

A SaaS solution that gives you benefits every single day

With SiB Solutions intelligent logtech platform, you can both find out what went wrong retroactively and prevent new logistics errors proactively. This combination allows you to get approach zero errors.

Intelligent video cameras film critical steps in the warehouse, process the material and send metadata to the cloud. There, the metadata is combined with other data and analysed by the artificial intelligence of the SaaS (software as a service) solution. To store and process the video material locally is called edge computing.

The artificial intelligence continuously learns how your business works, and this knowledge is automatically shared with the cameras. No complicated system integration is required – it only needs to collect information from your existing systems.

The solution is specially adapted for the various logistics functions, such as picking, packing, consolidation and loading.

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Choose the level that suits you right now


It is easy to upgrade and downgrade the solution as needed.

Level 1 – Video
Cameras are installed at critical points in the warehouse, such as goods receipt, picking, packing and loading areas. Some cameras are mounted on trucks so that they follow trips through the warehouse. When something goes wrong, you can easily search for time and position in the video material to see exactly what has happened. This gives you quick and reliable answers so you can solve the problem immediately. You can also use what you find out to train staff and eliminate future problems.

Level 2 – video + data
The video material is combined with data, which means that you can easily search for package ID, order number or other references and get hits in the video material on all occasions where the current object has been handled. This way, you can quickly find the cause of the error and can take the right action to help the customer as well as ensure preventative measures are in place so that it does not happen again.

Level 3 – video + data + AI
Artificial intelligence analyses your video material and your data, and is adapted to identify and track objects in the image. Over time, artificial intelligence learns how your business works and what is likely to be right or wrong in your particular warehouse. For example, if the solution knows that a certain package is going to a certain customer with a certain carrier, it can proactively check that the operator places the package on the right pallet. If the operator places the package on pallet A instead of pallet B, the operator is notified via audio commands, light signals or instructions on a screen.

Which level is right for you?

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For which type of company is Level 1 suitable?

Level 1 of SiB Solutions intelligent logtech platform is suitable for those who want to get started quickly and simply, or for those who do not have access to data in all the logistics processes required for level 2. Level 1 also suits those who want the solution in place before carrying out a high-risk project such as automation, installation of a new warehouse management system or other upgrades. Level 1 allows you to easily record everything that happens during the high-risk project. When the high-risk project is completed, it is probably best for you to move on to level 2 of the logtech platform and to integrate it with the new system.

For what type of company is Level 2 suitable?

Level 2 of SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform is suitable if you handle high value goods or fragile goods, if you use expensive or many transports, if you have high SLA requirements, or if you have high traceability requirements. A little efficiency in these areas quickly saves a lot of money. Level 2 is also suitable for most e-commerce businesses as their customer service receives a lot of questions that need quick and correct answers.

For what type of company is Level 3 suitable?

Level 3 of SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform suits companies that do not settle until they have flawless logistics. This solution allows you to proactively correct errors in near real time, while also taking advantage of the benefits of our Level 1 and 2 Solutions.