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Get flawless logistics at hotspot for innovation

What: Warehouse Insights is the new event for logistics professionals. The program is built around three themes: Future Proof Logistics, Digital Innovations and Material Handling. It is also a great please for networking, inspiration and knowledge sharing.
When: May 10, 2022
Where: Midden Nederland Hallen, Barneveld, Netherlands

Stefan Oldenburg, Head of Logistics and Delivery at R&F Travel Retail, will give a presentation on the company, its challenges in the supply chain, and expectations and insights from using our intelligent video services. Intelligent Video and AI Services release your high-potential benefits with error-free logistics. Use searchable video data to travel in time and boost quality. Stop errors proactively and save money, time and the environment. We are a logistics technology company using cutting-edge technology to change the world of logistics, and we can’t wait for you to see more about it.

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