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Can we see if the pallet was loaded and what it looked like when it was loaded on the truck?

Yes, with SiB Solutions logtech platform you can see all sides of the pallet except the underside. You also see what goods arrive at the warehouse, and what condition the goods are in.

What can I do if a customer calls and says goods are missing in a delivery?

In the user interface search field enter the order number, delivery number, pallet ID or another specific reference. In a few seconds you will see video sequences showing all occasions where the goods were handled in the various parts of the process, which means that you can easily determine if the customer is right, and find out exactly what has happened in such cases.

Sometimes we get an incorrect stock balance - can your solution find out the cause?

Yes. The most common cause of a negative balance error is that too much has been delivered to the customer, and it’s rare that the customer will notify you. With SiB Solutions’ logtech platform you only need to search for the article number to quickly get an answer on how much has been picked for each customer. Another reason for incorrect stock balance may be that the supplier has sent too few items and that the goods recipient has missed it in the registration process. With our solution you can go back in time and see exactly what arrived at the goods reception.

How do I use the video material as proof and be GDPR compliant?

Usually a screenshot is enough to prove whether or not a statement is correct. If people are seen in the picture, they can easily be masked with a blur function. If you need the video material as evidence, we have a service that makes people on the recording transparent and thus completely anonymized.

For which type of company is Level 1 suitable?

Level 1 of SiB Solutions intelligent logtech platform is suitable for those who want to get started quickly and simply, or for those who do not have access to data in all the logistics processes required for level 2. Level 1 also suits those who want the solution in place before carrying out a high-risk project such as automation, installation of a new warehouse management system or other upgrades. Level 1 allows you to easily record everything that happens during the high-risk project. When the high-risk project is completed, it is probably best for you to move on to level 2 of the logtech platform and to integrate it with the new system.

For what type of company is Level 2 suitable?

Level 2 of SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform is suitable if you handle high value goods or fragile goods, if you use expensive or many transports, if you have high SLA requirements, or if you have high traceability requirements. A little efficiency in these areas quickly saves a lot of money. Level 2 is also suitable for most e-commerce businesses as their customer service receives a lot of questions that need quick and correct answers.

For what type of company is Level 3 suitable?

Level 3 of SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform suits companies that do not settle until they have flawless logistics. This solution allows you to proactively correct errors in near real time, while also taking advantage of the benefits of our Level 1 and 2 Solutions.

Our IT department is very busy, is it possible to install the logtech platform anyway?

Yes, we can install Level 1 of the solution so that you can get started easily. When the IT department has more time, we install the rest of the components to bring you up to Level 2 of the solution.

Do we need a lot of resources to carry out an installation project?

No, generally all we need is a representative from the logistics or quality department that will use the system, occasionally a person who handles GDPR and privacy in specific countries, and a network and server person from the IT department as well as a company that can do the cable laying and fit cables to the cameras.

Do I need lots of cameras to cover the entire surface of the warehouse?

No, it is enough to cover some critical points, for example where the goods change owner such as a picking, packing, consolidation or loading point.

Can I film storage processes and comply with GDPR?

Yes, you get to film in the warehouse. The important thing is to clarify the purpose of filming, who can watch the material and how long the video sequences are saved for. We have a guide that goes through everything you need to know.

How does it work if we want help in calculating what our errors cost us, and how we would benefit from the logtech platform?

We book a workshop which we call ‘proof of value’. It starts with a tour in the various parts of the warehouse, where we ask questions and look for critical points. Then we tell you more about how the logtech platform works. The workshop is then concluded with a cost and savings calculation where you get confirmation in black and white with how much you can save per month by using the solution.

What kind of company has the most to gain from using this logtech platform?

Companies that handle high value goods or fragile goods, use expensive or numerous transports, have high SLA requirements, or have high traceability requirements. This is where a small efficiency gain in these areas quickly saves a lot of money. The Logtech platform is also suitable for most e-commerce businesses, as their customer services receive a lot of questions that require quick answers.

Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to?

You can follow us on Linkedin where we publish all of our latest updates. Some major news is also published on the “News” section here on our website.

I am already a customer and I’d like a story on our improved work processes in an industry magazine, is it possible?

Most logistics publications are very interested in new technology and the digitalization trends in the logistics world. Contact us and we can help solve it!


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