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Your customers expect flawless logistics

Just like they expect a flawless purchasing and delivery experience. And why shouldn’t they? There is no longer a given tradeoff between price and quality in logistics.

Eliminate errors in real time, or proactively future-proof your operations with insights from prior deviations. Every avoided error is one less risk for returns or extra delivery, potentially harmful to the environment.

Is your customer or partner coming to perform a quality audit? No stress. Present how you work with intelligent video analysis as a hands-on example of how continuous improvements are part of your everyday operations.

Commit to your relationships

It’s smart for your reputation

Flawless logistics and your use of intelligent video analysis is an advantage when you compete for new business opportunities. It gives you a hands-on example of how you are capitalizing on the ongoing digitalization trend.

When an error is reported somewhere in the supply chain our services and logtech platform protect you from a draining blame game. Simply search to view the case – problem solved!

If there are contractual Service Level Agreements, visual insights can save all stakeholders significant time and money, offering a visual receipt or proof of work performed. Seeing is believing.

Boost your brand and reputation by empowering Customer Service

Video material in combination with data offer superior visual evidence of your goods handling. For Customer Service Agents it is the difference between best guesses and instant crisp, relevant responses to your customer’s questions or claims.

Customers will trust you when they get quick and straightforward answers to their questions. It’s a great way to earn 👍. (And you can easily dispense with incorrect customer requests and refer cases relating to transport damage directly to the transport company.)

Enable flawless packing. Seeing what items your customer received is believing.

Is flawless logistics sustainable logistics?

It comes down to the total volume of handled and shipped goods. Whenever a miss-picked item is returned, it leads to unnecessary shipment(s) and handling of goods. All resources, including packing material etc., related to the return is waste.

The same is true for every time goods are lost or arrive damaged and have to be replaced with a new product. The need to ship twice results in double or more the amount of transport related CO2 emissions.

Flawless logistics is a natural ambition for all companies keeping a close eye on their environmental footprint. What is good for your customers and your business is good for the planet.


Get inspired about customer value with flawless logistics

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Add Intelligent Video and AI Services to logistics processes where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Take immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights. Stop wasting time on investigating what went wrong and where in the supply chain, or even paying for errors you didn’t cause.

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One step closer to flawless logistics every day. That’s our promise to you. We are trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

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We offer straightforward subscription services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements. We deliver world-wide and enable flawless logistics from the start.

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