Here’s how flawless logistics saves money

Use visual evidence to protect you from costs caused by other stakeholders in the supply chain. Visual insights helps to solve disputes swiftly. Once and for all move beyond blame games and assure long term customer and supplier relations without unnecessary friction related to logistics short-comes.

Make customer service a fun place to work. Visual evidence can serve to verify claims. Quickly view what you shipped before sending an extra item. With instant access to visual receipts of performed work, you can finally cut the long tail of problems causing your business to shrink every day. Fuel your continuous improvements work with actions you already can see will make a difference.

Visual insights of operations solve problems and shortcut learning loops associated with high impact projects like warehouse automation or shifting MES, WMS or TMS. Intelligent video analysis turns cost-efficient logistics and flawless logistics into a perfect match. Add artificial intelligence to ensure process success also in real time.

Can one less error improve your logistics processes’ margin?

Errors occur, even with the best. And they come in different shapes and sizes. Picking errors, transport damages and negative inventory balance is only three examples. What does a logistics error cost your business, the customer, and the supply chain network?

What you should take into consideration when calculating todays’ cost of logistics errors

  • Everyone’s time spent on the issue, not the least administration.
  • All financial transactions impacted by the problem, across the supply chain
  • The effect of an incorrect inventory balance.
  • Negative impact on customer satisfaction, brand and reputation
  • Negative impact on trust and collaboration within the supply chain network
  • Negative impact on employee motivation and satisfaction due to unprecise feedback
  • Negative impact on the environment, like CO2 from an extra transport

Enable flawless logistics – seeing is believing the full potential of your warehouse automation

The cost for a logistics error is much bigger than you think

Many calculate the cost of mis-picked items to simply be the cost of sending out a new item, and maybe handling the first goods in return. Unfortunately, there are several other costs related to flaws in logistics. Worst case scenario is of course to lose a customer.

With intelligent video analysis you simply search to see shipped goods, pinpoint where lost goods have gone and effectively secure your chain of custody. Add AI to become even more flawless. We are fully convinced that you will save time and money. Can your business afford flaws in your logistics processes?


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