Use intelligent video and AI services to make your logistics flawless

for companies transacting valuable goods

Our intelligent video services can be added seamlessly to your current processes and systems. This means that you can continue to run your logistics operations like you do today, with an extra resource ready to guide and correct operations away from errors when needed.

We offer intelligent video and AI services for companies with single or multiple sites. Together we find the optimal service combination for you and your needs within warehouse logistics, manufacturing logistics, transports, last mile operations, or store logistics.

Record, search and solve the problem

an easy-breezy start to 0% errors in logistics

Inbound logistics, outbound logistics and inventory handling all benefit from intelligent video analysis and AI. Act reactively, proactively and in real time to avoid costly errors. The simplicity is the key to true value for you.

1. Record video close to goods handling. It can be in your warehouse, hub or other facility.

2. Errors happen, even at the best sites. Investigate any reported problem through a quick search on order-id or similar.

3. The search immediately shows how the order was handled. You will literally see the answer to the reported problem.

Enable flawless loading -seeing is believing how goods left the building

Start smart with intelligent video and AI services in critical areas

Some of our customers run manual logistics operations, while others run highly automated logistics operations. Some do business B2C, and some do business B2B.

Critical areas are often where goods change ownership. It can be in goods receiving, picking, packing, loading, transport or any other area in your warehouse and/or logistics operation.

Proven to generate value across the supply chain

Goods recieving





Other processes and value added services


Get inspired about intelligent video and AI services

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Save money and strengthen your reputation

Get rid of the significant pains and costs related to goods that are lost, damaged or delivered incorrectly. Deliver on your customers’ expectations. Flawless logistics is even kind to the environment.

The value you get

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One step closer to flawless logistics every day, that is our promise to our customers. We are honored to be trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

Customer Use Cases

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

We offer subscription-based services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and what is needed tech-wise. We deliver world-wide and promise you one step closer to flawless logistics every day from the very start.

How we deliver