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Top quality logistics in real time

Intelligent Video and AI Services enable flawless logistics in real time. Imagine if you could guide an operator away from picking errors. This is a hands-on example of a profitable digital transformation creating operational value.

Our logtech platform has you covered from day one. Intelligent video analysis will show you how a logistics operation was carried out and under what conditions. Just search to see visual evidence of what went on. It only takes seconds.

Let facts and data improve your operations and quality

Our services let you travel in time. Use learned insights from yesterday to proactively remove identified risks. Your next continuous improvement will reveal itself. All you have to do is to watch.

We recommend you to start with the most critical areas, normally where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Tip! Include visual material in feedback and staff training. An image is easy to read in all languages.

Once you are up and running it’s easy to grow your subscription and release even more value for your site, your company and/or supply chain network.

Find out how to make logistics quality flawless

Intelligent video analysis is the perfect way to improve quality, providing you with visual evidence and insights. Check, realize, take action, follow up.

See improvements as soon as they are made. First check if reported errors are valid claims. Then see where and why an error happened. Now you can quickly take relevant action, train staff and sharpen your logistics.

Video serves as a smooth start for collaboration with others in the supply chain. Use Intelligent Video and AI Services to go from good to great, and great to excellent logistics.

Enable flawless quality in logistics. Seeing the details in your goods handling is believing.

What do your logistics operational KPIs tell you?

“Show me the numbers” is business lingo. But what do your logistics operational KPIs actually show? Do they tell you what happened, when it happened and why it happened?

Intelligent video analysis instantly shows the strengths and weaknesses in your logistics processes. When most KPIs measure performance, present a status report and let you figure out the rest on your own, we present it to you visually.

Barcodes and RFID are two of many solutions that bring traceability into your operations. But are they good enough when a box is scanned in packing but never reaches the customer?

Video + data will not just log that goods were packed. It will also show you what happened before and after the goods were scanned. Intelligent video analysis quickly uncovers issues in your master data. When you can see what happens it is easy to spot problems with measurements, poor process or other types of corrupt product data.


Get inspired about operational value with flawless logistics

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Add Intelligent Video and AI Services to logistics processes where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Take immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights. Stop wasting time on investigating what went wrong and where in the supply chain, or even paying for errors you didn’t cause.

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One step closer to flawless logistics every day. That’s our promise to you. We are trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

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We offer straightforward subscription services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements. We deliver world-wide and enable flawless logistics from the start.

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