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International wholesaler with a highly automated warehouse runs with intelligent video analysis from SiB Solutions

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➡Kick-off with intelligent video analysis: fall 2021

➡Move to new automated warehouse: 2023-24

➡The result: They can now test different services, explore, and benefit from their new logistics quality tool. All in a familiar environment without other disruptive process changes.

Christina Hall, Senior Account Manager, SiB Solutions:
– This company has a strong reputation and focus on creating value for their customers. The SLA requirements are very high and flawless logistics is one central part of this.

– Intelligent video analysis can revolutionize your quality efforts. It is super-smart to learn about the full potential firsthand in the current warehouse.

– To move a warehouse is hard work. Risks are high. The customer has given themselves a head start by subscribing to our services already before the move.

Welcome to SiB Solutions customer community! We look forward to exploring flawless logistics together with you!

SiB Solutions will be part of seminar “Framtidens lager inom handel”

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During the event, researchers, logistics professionals and representatives from the logtech and tech arenas will meet with attendees in a forward-gazing conversation about smart warehousing for retail. We are very much looking forward to being part of the panel and this interesting initiative.

The seminar is arranged by Centrum för handelsforsking, part of Lund University, Sweden. It is online and takes place October 12. Click here for more information including registration form >>

SiB Solutions world map

Nowaste Logistics continues their cooperation with SiB Solutions for improved control and traceability of reusable pallets

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This time it is the warehouse for Everfresh in Helsingborg, Sweden, that will start to use intelligent video analysis in the outbound logistics process.

Dragisa Jovanovic, Project Leader at Nowaste Logistics
– Using reusable crates and pallets is a significant commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

– We must, however, be in total control over the pallets we handle. This to control costs. Not one pallet should slip through.

– With WMS and RFID we can detect deviations. We add intelligent video service to instantly get a clear view on why a deviation happened, how to solve it and what to improve for it not to happen again.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions:
– When Nowaste Logistics faced the challenge with flawless control of reusable pallets, I was thrilled to be invited into the dialogue. Together we explored the possibilities, and quickly saw that our service will solve this need in a smart and very efficient way.

Thank you Nowaste Logistics for once again trusting us into your warehouse operations!

SiB Solutions participates in a university research study about prototyping

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NEWS | The project, Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups, is run by senior lecturer Elizabeth Bjarnason and it is conducted as part of ELLIIT: the Linköping-Lund initiative on IT and mobile communication.

👋 Hi Arianna Benigno, CPO at SiB Solutions. Tell us a little about this project and topic, please.

– The project is called Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups. The topic is very relevant for startups where the challenges to face are of a very different nature respect to bigger corporations.

– As a startup we need to balance the business focus with the technological innovation aspect, as well as the pressure to reach the market with available resources. Before reaching maturity, a startup needs to navigate from a more problem/solution focus mindset to reach stability and be able to grow.

How can using prototypes facilitate the success of a startup? Is it used in a similar way independently of which degree of maturity the startup is in?

– The questions around how we use prototyping and why were the ones I had to answer, while reflecting on where we stand with our development and how we are utilizing customers as partners in our projects, especially the AI ones.

-I think one of the main conclusions we made is that we use prototypes to define an exploration strategy for the design and the technology investigations we want to look at.

-I believe it will be very interesting to see what conclusions will be drawn from this study. It might be very helpful for us to define a better approach on how we use prototyping for reaching our ambitions.

Arianna Benigno, CPO at SiB Solutions.

Thank you Arianna for sharing!

About: The Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups project runs from 2020 to 2022. It will investigate how new and small businesses can use prototyping effectively to validate and generate innovative business ideas, and to successfully communicate with external stakeholders such as investors and customers. The project is run by senior lecturer Elizabeth Bjarnason.

Three musts for flawless logistics – hear it all in Logistikpodden

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PODCAST | Artificial intelligence. The Butterfly effect. No more blame game. These are three key topics when Staffan Persson revisits Nina Modig and Per Olof Arnäs in the Swedish top logistics podcast Logistikpodden episode 28.

Press play, flawless logistics is covered right after the jingle. 7 min. ▶

Logistikpodden magazine episode 28 streams now in your podcast player. Explore more about SiB Solutions and  flawless logistics in episode 26 and 27.


Proven results – hear it all in Logistikpodden

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PODCAST | What has Nowaste Logistics and Bileko Car Parts gained from intelligent video analysis? Get the answer when Staffan Persson revisits Nina Modig and Per Olof Arnäs in the Swedish top logistics podcast Logistikpodden, episode 27. The topic: customer value with intelligent video services.

Press play, flawless logistics is covered right after the jingle. 9 min.

Logistikpodden magazine episode 27 streams now in your podcast player. Stay tuned for more.

SiB Solutions listed at Smart City Sweden

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At Smart City Sweden’s website, you can browse among companies that provide solutions for smart & sustainable cities – now including SiB Solutions. We are proud to be part of this initiative.

Contact us to learn more about intelligent video analysis and its impact on sustainability related to ecommerce, logistics, transports, distribution and last mile.

Visit Smart City Sweden’s website here: