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Vibrant partner network

From the start, we’ve set out to be a member of a strong partnership network that includes some of the world’s most innovative, influential and imaginative companies.

Our partner network includes technology partners, installation partners, Go-to-Market partners and others like:

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“SiB Solutions is a really exciting scale up that creates significant value for logistics-intensive companies. We see synergies that show what our products are capable of with groundbreaking technology that can reduce the number of errors and deviations in logistics.”
Frode Langmoen, Ecosystem Development IBM

Come and jam together with us

Our network always has room for more innovative minds. Reach out if you want to jam with us in logistics, technology, business operations or something else.

Go-to-Market Partners and Friends

Do you want in on our mission: to change the world of logistics through cutting-edge technology? Great! Here you can find out how to become a Go-to-Market Partner or Friend.

What you get: the opportunity to introduce SiB Solutions’ Intelligent Video and AI Services directly to your network and customers. Powered by us, and with an upside for your business.

Go-to-Market Partners join our GTM Partner Program. We collaborate closely for the shared greater good.

Go-to-Market Friends meet up with us every now and then for heads up on interesting news and previews of coming solutions. We are in it for the long run with both partners and friends.

Today, many of our Go-to-Market Partners or Friends are Warehouse Management System providers, Logistic Consultants and Companies within Automation/Robotics. Tech collaborators and distributors, together with their networks, are too taking advantage of this opportunity. If you are curious about logistics technologies, chances are good this is interesting for you.

Let’s get in contact

We always have time for a call with partners and friends.


Updates for you who are interested in our logistics technology community

MediaCustomersNewsBonver Logistics in interview with Supply Chain Effect
June 14, 2024

Bonver Logistics in interview with Supply Chain Effect

Swedish logistics magazine Supply Chain Effect has interviewed Bonver Logistics, about its use of Intelligent Video Services from SiB Solutions. In Swedish (use the arrows to turn page): Published: June…
SiB Solutions world mapCustomersNewsSiB Solutions welcomes Ex-Change Parts as a customer
June 12, 2024

SiB Solutions welcomes Ex-Change Parts as a customer

Ex-Change Parts starts subscribing to Intelligent Video Services from SiB Solutions. The service will be used in the company's warehouse in Borlänge, Sweden. Ex-Change Parts specializes in helicopter parts and…
NewsPartnersNYCE.LOGIC and SiB Solutions announce partnership
March 5, 2024

NYCE.LOGIC and SiB Solutions announce partnership

NYCE.LOGIC and SiB Solutions unite best-of-breed WMS and cutting-edge Intelligent Video and AI Services to enhance customers’ supply chain efficiency and visibility NYCE.LOGIC, an industry leader in Warehouse Management Systems…
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Full control where it matters most

Add Intelligent Video and AI Services to logistics processes where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Take immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights. Stop wasting time on investigating what went wrong and where in the supply chain, or even paying for errors you didn’t cause.

Where to use it


One step closer to flawless logistics every day. That’s our promise to you. We are trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

Customer Use Cases

Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

We offer straightforward subscription services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements. We deliver world-wide and enable flawless logistics from the start.

How we deliver