“With intelligent video analysis, we know exactly what has happened and can take the right action with the customer, and we know what we need to do in the warehouse to prevent it from happening again. Our hope is to get an even more satisfied client – we will continue our successful work towards zero mistakes.”

Daniel Burström, Logistics Unit Manager at Postnord TPL

“We realized quite quickly that this tool helps both our customers and us to continuously improve. Immediately after the training, the quality assurance department found its first answers. Questions that have been difficult and time-consuming to investigate before now take just a few seconds to resolve.”

Mattias Grönvall, Head of Operations at Nowaste Logistics

Collaborations with renowned customers

To continuously innovate our services we proudly collaborate with reputable logistics players: our customers.

We invite companies transacting valuable goods in production, warehousing, transportation, last mile or retail into our research and development.


Listen to others trusting our intelligent video and AI services

December 21, 2021

Award-winning BCP featured in Dagens Logistik

BCP - Bileko Car Parts has made a remarkable logistics transformation. This fall Mekonomen/Meca and BCP won the Retail Award for Årets Logistiksatsning. Now you can read all about it…
September 8, 2021

1337 Logistics signs deal with SiB Solutions

Together we are collaborating on a new concept including artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis. The concept brings super-power into warehouse logistics processes. Robert Johansson, CIO at 1337 Logistics and…
SiB Solutions world mapCustomersNews
July 8, 2021

International wholesaler with a highly automated warehouse runs with intelligent video analysis from SiB Solutions

➡Kick-off with intelligent video analysis: fall 2021 ➡Move to new automated warehouse: 2023-24 ➡The result: They can now test different services, explore, and benefit from their new logistics quality tool.…
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