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Explorers on a mission to change the world of logistics

We are a diverse team of explorers jamming together with globally renowned companies and innovators to change the world of logistics.

A logistics technology company

Curiosity. Native logistics know-how. Proven technologies like video, and advanced technologies like Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, smart analysis, AI and IIoT. These are the key ingredients we put into our logtech platform and value-creating Intelligent Video and AI Services. You gain by subscribing to our services, which bring you immediate value from superior visibility and insights into your supply chain operations.

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Partners & Friends

We are building a strong, global community including our customers, technology partners, distribution partners, installation partners, support partners, Go-to-Market partners, universities and others who share our passion for using cutting-edge technology to enable flawless logistics.

Partners and friends enhance their business through the SiB Solutions logtech platform while growing revenues and knowledge in, or related to, the logistics space.

Partners & Friends


Tag along as we jam and explore the world of logistics together with our community

June 14, 2024

Bonver Logistics in interview with Supply Chain Effect

Swedish logistics magazine Supply Chain Effect has interviewed Bonver Logistics, about its use of Intelligent Video Services from SiB Solutions. In Swedish (use the arrows to turn page): Published: June…
Derek Gant, SiB Solutions, & Staffan Persson, SiB SolutionsNewsIntelligent Video ServicesMedia
June 10, 2024

SiB Solutions in Supply Chain Digital

Summer Reading Tips: "Lack of visual insights and visual proof hinder continuous improvements as the wanted KPIs and statistical measurements are difficult to quantify. Companies see this by using Intelligent…
May 7, 2024

Teaser: what to expect from our industry experts at Nationale Voorraaddag 2024

On June 13, 2024, the highly anticipated Nationale Voorraaddag will take place, hosted by the IMCC (Instituut voor Supply Chain Experts). This networking event brings together professionals from inventory-holding companies…
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It all started with native logistics know-how

SiB Solutions was founded by the three experts in logistics and technology: Lennart Bergström, Stefan Borg and Staffan Persson.

They had seen the same high-cost problems repeated throughout logistics processes for decades. In 2017 they introduced their game changer to the market.

Strategic partners, customers and investors quickly got involved and soon the team grew.

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Full control where it matters most

Add Intelligent Video and AI Services to logistics processes where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Take immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights. Stop wasting time on investigating what went wrong and where in the supply chain, or even paying for errors you didn’t cause.

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One step closer to flawless logistics every day. That’s our promise to you. We are trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

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Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

We offer straightforward subscription services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and technical requirements. We deliver world-wide and enable flawless logistics from the start.

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