Our founders

Technology for tomorrow was born from 80 years of experience

SiB Solutions was founded in 2017 by Lennart Bergström, Stefan Borg and Staffan Persson, three former colleagues with a total of 80 years of experience in developing, selling and delivering complex system solutions for logistics. Today the company consists of 23 people and is located at Ideon Science Park in Lund.

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Global network of partners

SiB Solutions is building a global network of partners implementing the logtech platform. Our partners can also provide support and service, which means you always get quick help when you need it, wherever you need it. Interested in becoming a partner?

How we deliver

Collaborations and renowned customers

To develop the intelligent logtech platform as efficiently as possible, SiB Solutions collaborates with a number of logistics players. Among our customers are also a number of reputable companies with their own warehouses.

How the solution is used

You win with more intelligent logistics

Goods that are lost, damaged or delivered incorrectly cost money, harm the environment and damage your brand. We help you figure out what you can gain from optimizing your logistics.

Value for you


How does it work if we want help in calculating what our errors cost us, and how we would benefit from the logtech platform?

We book a workshop which we call ‘proof of value’. It starts with a tour in the various parts of the warehouse, where we ask questions and look for critical points. Then we tell you more about how the logtech platform works. The workshop is then concluded with a cost and savings calculation where you get confirmation in black and white with how much you can save per month by using the solution.

What kind of company has the most to gain from using this logtech platform?

Companies that handle high value goods or fragile goods, use expensive or numerous transports, have high SLA requirements, or have high traceability requirements. This is where a small efficiency gain in these areas quickly saves a lot of money. The Logtech platform is also suitable for most e-commerce businesses, as their customer services receive a lot of questions that require quick answers.