Easy to subscribe to, easy to use

At SiB Solutions we offer subscription-based services that include immediate gains from visibility and insights, best practice and what is needed tech-wise.

We have made a promise to our customers: one step closer to flawless logistics every day. Because of this we put all we know logistics-wise, and everything we explore technology-wise, into our services. All you have to do is to start subscribing.

What it means to subscribe to a service

One stop shop. The subscription includes everything from tangible hardware and trouble-free integrations to artificial intelligence. Training and support by real people.

A fixed monthly cost, depending on service and scope. (You should expect your monthly savings to be bigger already from the start.)

No costly initial investments requiring an ROI over 1-3 years. No costly maintenance or upgrades.

We implement worldwide together with our global partner network.

We follow a well-defined process

all the way from quotation to support

SiB Solutions’ well-proven delivery process involves you as a customer, and is adapted to your specific needs.

1. The content of the quotation is determined.

2. Workshop to review the physical conditions, IT issues and objectives.

3. Dialogue on ongoing activities and parameters.

4. Pre-configuration and testing so that installation and commissioning go smoothly and quickly.

5. Installation and commissioning – usually takes only 1-3 days.

6. Simple training of your staff to optimize the use of the service.

7. Regular and seamless updating of the service.

8. Easily available support and service if needed.

Enable flawless goods receiving – seeing is believing where goods was put away


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Save money and strengthen your reputation

Get rid of the significant pains and costs related to goods that are lost, damaged or delivered incorrectly. Deliver on your customers’ expectations. Flawless logistics is even kind to the environment.

The value you get

References you know

One step closer to flawless logistics every day, that is our promise to our customers. We are honored to be trusted by high performers striving to reach even higher goals.

Customer Use Cases

Full control where it matters the most

Add intelligent video and AI services to the logistics processes where goods are exchanged or change ownership. Take immediate advantage of visual evidence and insights. Stop wasting resources on investigating what went wrong when in the supply chain, or even pay for other’s errors.

Where to use it