Is it possible to completely

erase logistics errors?

The boundaries of what’s possible have been pushed forward. Using cutting-edge technology such as AI, IIoT and intelligent video analytics, we have created a logtech platform that both prevents and solves logistics problems. Contact us to learn more!
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Save money and the environment

Goods that are lost, damaged or delivered incorrectly cost large sums and unnecessary transport. By proactively solving the problems directly when they occur, you save money and the environment.

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Strengthen your brand

Customers are expecting perfection, and logistics errors are no longer tolerated. Strengthen your brand by being a trustworthy partner.

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Get full transparency

Intelligent video analytics answers your questions when logistics issues occur: what happened, when did it happen and how did it happen?

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How does intelligent video analytics work?

Watch the video to find out.

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By filming the goods handling in selected locations and analyzing the video material using smart algorithms, we can access the root causes of logistics problems, and act both reactively and proactively.

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You will see company savings from the first month. In addition to that, you will get greater control, increased customer satisfaction, and prevent fraud and false claims.

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With the help of AI, we can analyze large amounts of video data and find patterns in the logistics. Our vision is that logistics should be completely problem free.

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June 4, 2020

JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis

JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis JF Hillebrand spent a vast number of hours every week trying to find pallets that were object for reclaims by manually searching…
February 19, 2020

SiB Solutions at 2020 Logistics & Transport

November 3-4 you will meet us at the Logistik & Transport fair in Gothenburg. We would like to meet you and discuss how we can contribute with the latest groundbreaking…
January 30, 2020

PostNord new customer

SiB Solutions has signed a contract with PostNord to deliver our platform for Intelligent Videoanalytics to a 3PL warehouse in Norrköping.

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