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Plan and SiB Solutions in collaboration

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News | Does the Swedish logistics community have goals, time and inspiration for improvement work?

The competence network Plan wants to find out and is teaming up with SiB Solutions to carry out a survey among the network’s members and other voices in the Swedish logistics community. The results will be presented later this autumn.

The survey runs until October 17 and is anonymous. Welcome to contribute too! There are 5 short questions and you participate anonymously ⏩

– I have worked with logistics for a long time as a consultant, logistics manager and within the UN. Never have trade fairs, conferences, study visits and other networking meetings been so rare. And at the same time, the logistical challenges right now are both many and complex. As a Plan member, I am very curious about how others are doing right now to stay updated with new ideas and innovations. Says Staffan Persson, logistics expert and CMO at SiB Solutions.

Plan has an amazing network of Supply Chain professionals all over Sweden and the collective knowledge is immense. Combined we have endless of years of experience, challenges met, lessons learnt, good decisions… and bad decisions taken. With this digital dialogue collaboration we are trying to find new ways to collect all this and to share it back into the community. Johanna Linder, Plan.

We at SiB Solutions love to explore both technologies and supply chain trends, preferably in collaboration with others. Carrying out a digital dialogue with the Swedish logistics community together with Plan is something we of course wanted to be a part of. It is an exciting initiative that will run all autumn. Now we hope for many answers to the survey! Catarina Malmsten, Brand Manager SiB Solutions

To the survey >>

SiB Solutions will be part of IBM virtual event Cloud without Compromise

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SiB Solutions’ CTO Sverrir Valgeirsson speaks at IBM virtual event Cloud without Compromise.

Join leaders, business partners and your peers at the Cloud without Compromise virtual event. Hear directly from customers on how the most regulated businesses have de-risked their journey to cloud to achieve innovations anywhere.

Register here:

Thank you, IBM, for inviting us to talk about how we as a logistics technology company use cutting edge technology to enable flawless logistics.

The sustainable e-commerce of the future

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SiB Solutions is proud participant in the Swedish CLOSER and Relog project “Framtidens hållbara e-handel” that kicked off this week.

A wide group of stakeholders will through research and innovation work together for a resource-efficient, competitive e-commerce without negative effects on climate and health. The initiative is funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.

I really like the width of this project from packaging systems, to city planning and new technology like big data and AI, and so on… We will all learn from it and be able to change the way we do things today” says Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions will be part of seminar “Framtidens lager inom handel”

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During the event, researchers, logistics professionals and representatives from the logtech and tech arenas will meet with attendees in a forward-gazing conversation about smart warehousing for retail. We are very much looking forward to being part of the panel and this interesting initiative.

The seminar is arranged by Centrum för handelsforsking, part of Lund University, Sweden. It is online and takes place October 12. Click here for more information including registration form >>

SiB Solutions participates in a university research study about prototyping

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NEWS | The project, Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups, is run by senior lecturer Elizabeth Bjarnason and it is conducted as part of ELLIIT: the Linköping-Lund initiative on IT and mobile communication.

👋 Hi Arianna Benigno, CPO at SiB Solutions. Tell us a little about this project and topic, please.

– The project is called Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups. The topic is very relevant for startups where the challenges to face are of a very different nature respect to bigger corporations.

– As a startup we need to balance the business focus with the technological innovation aspect, as well as the pressure to reach the market with available resources. Before reaching maturity, a startup needs to navigate from a more problem/solution focus mindset to reach stability and be able to grow.

How can using prototypes facilitate the success of a startup? Is it used in a similar way independently of which degree of maturity the startup is in?

– The questions around how we use prototyping and why were the ones I had to answer, while reflecting on where we stand with our development and how we are utilizing customers as partners in our projects, especially the AI ones.

-I think one of the main conclusions we made is that we use prototypes to define an exploration strategy for the design and the technology investigations we want to look at.

-I believe it will be very interesting to see what conclusions will be drawn from this study. It might be very helpful for us to define a better approach on how we use prototyping for reaching our ambitions.

Arianna Benigno, CPO at SiB Solutions.

Thank you Arianna for sharing!

About: The Efficient Business Prototyping in Software Startups project runs from 2020 to 2022. It will investigate how new and small businesses can use prototyping effectively to validate and generate innovative business ideas, and to successfully communicate with external stakeholders such as investors and customers. The project is run by senior lecturer Elizabeth Bjarnason.

SiB Solutions listed at Smart City Sweden

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At Smart City Sweden’s website, you can browse among companies that provide solutions for smart & sustainable cities – now including SiB Solutions. We are proud to be part of this initiative.

Contact us to learn more about intelligent video analysis and its impact on sustainability related to ecommerce, logistics, transports, distribution and last mile.

Visit Smart City Sweden’s website here:

SiB Solutions awarded Catalyst by Business Sweden

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We are proud to share that SiB Solutions has been awarded Catalyst by Business Sweden.

Stefan Borg, CEO SiB Solutions: SiB Solutions was founded to change the world of logistics through ground-breaking technology.

-This is a renowned confirmation of us addressing a global problem, having a global mindset and a scalable business model.

Passionate about enabling flawless logistics, we now look forward to exploring new opportunities in the USA.

Contact Stefan Borg for more information.

About Catalyst programme by Business Sweden
“The Catalyst programme helps the top ten percent of Swedish tech companies to scale their business globally at the right moment with the support of top-notch mentors and advisors. (…) Catalyst is part of the Going global initiative.” Learn more >>

Christmas greeting

Christmas Greeting

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2020 turned out to be a very challenging year for many and organisations like Doctors Without Borders need our support more than ever. Please join SiB Solutions and contribute to Doctors Without Borders, or any other organisation that is dedicated to helping people in need. The real heroes of our time!

Christmas 2020