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“At SiB Solutions we continue to experience a strong and growing desire for our intelligent video services. We also do more and more project related work remotely”.

Lennart Bergström, COO, and Per Damsby, Senior Technical Advisor, are both part of the Operations team at SiB Solutions. I met with them to talk about how we deliver.

Seeing is believing
The Operations team gets involved when a customer has decided to start subscribing to our services. Together the Operations team and the customer take the necessary steps to get going.

“A project kicks off with a workshop where we confirm the scope, locations, configurations etcetera. Before the pandemic all workshops were done on site. We also have a best practice for remote workshops”, says Per Damsby.

Lennart Bergström

“The key for any successful workshop is to get a good, detailed, and shared view of the warehouse site and local premises. Blueprints are not enough. To find the right position for a camera you need to combine hard facts about location and processes with an open mind where knowledge, experience and creativity can play together to find the best solution for the customer.” Lennart Bergström continues.

Virtual tour + video recording or photos
“The best way to start a remote workshop is for the customer to take us on a virtual tour through the warehouse. A smartphone or computer is all it takes. By doing this “live” we can guide the customer to show us everything we need to see.” Per Damsby adds.

A live, digital tour does not require more than a smartphone. It is however important to either record the streamed video, or to take complementary photos along the way.

“When we do a site visit, we take photos for documentation purpose. They are valuable as we move ahead with the implementation and installation. Therefore, we ask for documentation from the virtual tour”, Lennart Bergström explains.

Hardware installations on site
“I think it goes without saying that the cameras and connected necessaries still can’t be installed without work on site. But there are different options at hand”, Lennart Bergström reflects.

Per Damsby

“We can do the installation, following on site safety regulations. We also have a global partner network that we turn to when required. Finally, if the customer’s site is all closed for new visitors, we can collaborate with the inhouse service team, or another company trusted by the customer.” Says Per Damsby.

Remote training makes masters
With the service ready to be used, it is time to benefit from visual insight and evidence. A quick training session is all it takes.

“We have good experience from online training. Especially when it enables all participants to work on their own computer. Sometimes that is not possible in a classroom setting.” Per Damsby says.

“Depending on the group size we may ask for one or two local moderator, who we can be in touch with if any user is experiencing any specific issues related to access the service for the first time. This way we can ensure a smooth learning experience for everyone involved.” Lennart Bergström concludes.

Thank you, Lennart and Per!

Published: November  23, 2021