How it works

We follow a well-defined process – all the way from quotation to support

SiB Solutions’ well-proven delivery process involves you as a customer, and is adapted to your specific needs.

1. The content of the quotation is determined.

2. Workshop to review the physical conditions, IT issues and objectives.
3. Dialogue on ongoing activities and parameters.
4. Pre-configuration and testing so that installation and commissioning go smoothly and quickly.
5. Installation and commissioning - usually takes only 1-3 days.
6. Training your staff to optimize the use of the solution.
7. Regular and seamless updating of the solution.
8. Easily available support and service if needed.

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Our IT department is very busy, is it possible to install the logtech platform anyway?

Yes, we can install Level 1 of the solution so that you can get started easily. When the IT department has more time, we install the rest of the components to bring you up to Level 2 of the solution.

Do we need a lot of resources to carry out an installation project?

No, generally all we need is a representative from the logistics or quality department that will use the system, occasionally a person who handles GDPR and privacy in specific countries, and a network and server person from the IT department as well as a company that can do the cable laying and fit cables to the cameras.