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1337 Logistics signs deal with SiB Solutions

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Together we are collaborating on a new concept including artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis. The concept brings super-power into warehouse logistics processes.

Robert Johansson, CIO at 1337 Logistics and Roger Hallberg, VP at 1337 Logistics:
-Always doing the right thing is of course the most cost-effective way there is. Since reality rarely occurs without making mistakes, it is important to work with modern technology to eliminate the moments where mistakes can easily occur.

-Together with SiB Solutions, 1337 Logistics is working on a concept that will significantly increase quality. The concept gives the operator immediate feedback if he makes a mistake. This creates support and security for the operator as well as an even better experience for the customer. AI, which is a partner in the solution, will get better and better the more it is used.

Staffan Persson, CMO, SiB Solutions:
-To proactively stop errors is a must for all companies wanting flawless logistics. We are eager to explore this new possibility together with 1337 “elite” Logistics.

-Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis become a springboard to new beneficial opportunities. The potential is enormous in terms of cutting costs and creating value.

About 1337 Logistics
1337 Logistics is a newly started business with a newly built warehouse that went live at the end of 2019. Their great passion is logistics with a focus on profitability and quality.

With a hyper modern warehouse, 1337 Logistics is a seven-party logistics company, which means that their customers only need to handle one agreement regarding logistics.

1337 Logistics takes pride in ensuring that their customers are confident in the company’s transparency, clarity, delivery quality and that customers already in advance can see clearly what the cost will be for having their logistics handled by 1337 Logistics. Learn more about the company here >>

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International wholesaler with a highly automated warehouse runs with intelligent video analysis from SiB Solutions

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➡Kick-off with intelligent video analysis: fall 2021

➡Move to new automated warehouse: 2023-24

➡The result: They can now test different services, explore, and benefit from their new logistics quality tool. All in a familiar environment without other disruptive process changes.

Christina Hall, Senior Account Manager, SiB Solutions:
– This company has a strong reputation and focus on creating value for their customers. The SLA requirements are very high and flawless logistics is one central part of this.

– Intelligent video analysis can revolutionize your quality efforts. It is super-smart to learn about the full potential firsthand in the current warehouse.

– To move a warehouse is hard work. Risks are high. The customer has given themselves a head start by subscribing to our services already before the move.

Welcome to SiB Solutions customer community! We look forward to exploring flawless logistics together with you!

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Nowaste Logistics continues their cooperation with SiB Solutions for improved control and traceability of reusable pallets

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This time it is the warehouse for Everfresh in Helsingborg, Sweden, that will start to use intelligent video analysis in the outbound logistics process.

Dragisa Jovanovic, Project Leader at Nowaste Logistics
– Using reusable crates and pallets is a significant commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

– We must, however, be in total control over the pallets we handle. This to control costs. Not one pallet should slip through.

– With WMS and RFID we can detect deviations. We add intelligent video service to instantly get a clear view on why a deviation happened, how to solve it and what to improve for it not to happen again.

Staffan Persson, CMO at SiB Solutions:
– When Nowaste Logistics faced the challenge with flawless control of reusable pallets, I was thrilled to be invited into the dialogue. Together we explored the possibilities, and quickly saw that our service will solve this need in a smart and very efficient way.

Thank you Nowaste Logistics for once again trusting us into your warehouse operations!

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Scania Parts Logistics in Belgium starts with intelligent video analysis

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– Scania Parts Logistics is committed to the distribution of all Scania parts. We are the beating, logistical heart of the entire Scania Group when it comes to parts distribution, says Anders Nilsson, Director Warehouse Operations.

– Now we are eager to explore the benefits with SiB Solutions’ intelligent video services and AI. We see great potential in terms of quality control, customer care and process improvement.

– We warmly welcome Scania Parts Logistics to our customer community! We have seen dramatic effects and several unexpected outcomes when delivering projects within the automotive industry. It will be very exciting to follow how we can support Scania in their daily work of delivering premium quality, says Urban Kindström, Global Account Director at SiB Solutions.

Scania Parts Logistics subscribes to a PoC of intelligent video services for warehouse logistics.

In photo from left: Urban Kindström (SiB Solutions), Faye Geelissen (Group Manager, Scania), Veerle Rakels (SPS Specialist, Project Manager, Scania), Anders Nilsson (Director Warehouse Operations)

Thank you, Scania Parts Logistics for trusting us into your logistics operations! Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

Photo by Lennart Bergström, SiB Solutions AB

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Bileko Car Parts (BCP) signs deal with SiB Solutions

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From a highly automated central warehouse, BCP delivers automotive spare parts and accessories to companies within Mekonomen Group, primarily Mekonomen and MECA.

A delay or deviation may directly affect the Group’s end customers and harming customer satisfaction. Hey – we all know that no car owner wants to be without the car longer than expected.

SiB Solutions’ service will be used to continuously improve inbound decanting, picking and transport consolidation.

– We automated to gain extra power into outstanding efficiency. Now we want extra power into equally outstanding quality, says Patrik Danielson Warehouse Manager, BCP.

– It is all about customer satisfaction and Return on Investment, adds Christofer Kohn Managing Director, BCP. If there is a chance to improvement, we go for it.

– The setup will enable BCP to analyse both the inbound and outbound flow. This allows immediate actions in both flows cutting costs and saving time, comments Staffan Persson, CMO SiB Solutions.

Thank you, BCP for trusting us into your warehouse operations. Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

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Global manufacturer signs deal with SiB Solutions

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The scope is worldwide spare part logistics both inside the group’s network and to external customers.

This company operates in a highly competitive and regulated industry. The need for excellent logistics processes cannot be underestimated.

With video, data and knowledge this global leader aims to set a new quality standard; cutting costs, saving time and to reduce risk related to a larger IT-project, says Staffan Persson.

SiB Solutions are honored to be trusted into this great company’s logistics operations. Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day. Welcome!

Use intelligent video analysis, IIoT and AI in your logistics processes to see what went wrong and prevent it from happening again. SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform is subscription based, modular and scalable. Learn more >>

JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis

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JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis

JF Hillebrand spent a vast number of hours every week trying to find pallets that were object for reclaims by manually searching for time stamps in the WMS activity log. These time stamps were then inserted into the video surveillance system and by fast forwarding or rewind finding the reclaimed pallet on film. Logistics Manager Mr. Kenneth Ullenius wanted a solution to cut all those hours spent by consultants trying to find single pallets within a customized double lane wrapping automation, that he designed. This automation handles up to five thousand pallets per week.

How come you spent all this time searching for pallets in a video system?

  • Since we have high value goods with tax regulations, it is of utmost importance to have good control of what has left the warehouse and in what shape. If we get any reclaims, we need to verify what has happened and if we need to do any changes to avoid reoccurrences. It’s all about control of quality in the deliveries and having confirmation if the reclaim is valid or not.

What did you find in the Intelligent Video Analysis from SiB Solutions?

  • First of all, I was surprized by the short project for such a technical solution. The pallets are scanned with advanced scanners on their way to the wrapping machines in two separate lanes. They are identified by the scanner and filmed during the wrapping procedure. We also covered the manual wrapping station, adding scanning even to this operation. We link the videos with the order information system to gain identification. All in all, it did not take more than a couple of weeks to complete this, and it all worked spotless from day one.

So, what is gained in terms of efficiency?

  • With the solution from SiB Solutions we spend minimal time investigating reclaims and use that time to focus on gaining even higher quality in our deliveries. We simply enter the pallet id and instantly get the video sequence showing the correct pallet without any need to manually search in several systems.

JF Hillebrand is one of the world’s largest logistics company specializing in beer, wine and distilled spirits. The company provides airfreight, inland transport, warehousing, insurance, and inventory management. It is based in Mainz, Germany, and their Swedish operation and warehouse is based in Jordbro, south of Stockholm.

SiB Solutions at 2020 Logistics & Transport

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November 3-4 you will meet us at the Logistik & Transport fair in Gothenburg. We would like to meet you and discuss how we can contribute with the latest groundbreaking technology from SiB Solutions that will enable you to cut cost, reduce carbon footprint and strengthen your brand.