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On June 13, 2024, the highly anticipated Nationale Voorraaddag will take place, hosted by the IMCC (Instituut voor Supply Chain Experts). This networking event brings together professionals from inventory-holding companies to discuss the latest trends and innovations in supply chain management.

Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with industry thought leaders, including speakers from partner companies – including SiB Solutions. The experts will share their insights on strategic and sustainable inventory management.

We asked SiB Solutions’ Milou Brüll and Donald Houben for a taster of their upcoming session during Nationale Voorraaddag 2024

Milou Brüll, Business Development Manager, and Donald Houben, Sales Manager Europe

👋Hi Milou and Donald,
What’s the name of your session and what is it about?
In this engaging talk, we’ll explore “Higher stock reliability through the use of searchable video”.  As all the visiting companies run at least one warehouse, and as the main sponsor of this event is focusing on stock and stock handling, we chose this topic.

Who will benefit from listening to the session?
Attendees running a warehouse will benefit from this session. Inventory analysts, warehouse managers, supply chain professionals, and logistics managers will gain insights into optimizing their processes and in the meantime reducing the environmental impact. It is obvious that less errors lead to less new items/articles, less re-pack material and less transport kilometers, less working hours and more. We plan to share valuable takeaways for the audience, who can represent various industries.

What will the attendees gain from listening to you?
All attendees, dealing with stock, will learn that searchable video and visual insights and evidence:
• supports in fact-based decision making related to claims and errors
• will improve stock accuracy
• will increase margin and quality
• is delivering for 85% of our customers a short a ROI < 3 months
• can be installed fast

What are you yourself particularly excited about?
“Personally, I’m particularly excited about the fact that SiB Solutions is present at this unique Dutch event for the first time, ensuring our visibility to the Dutch market”, says Milou Brüll.

Donald Houben adds “it will be exciting to meet so many professionals in the supply chain industry again and show them the added value of using computer vision within the warehouse.”

See you at Nationale Voorraaddag >>

Published: May 7, 2024.