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Thank you, CSR Skåne and Cradlenet Syd, for inviting us to speak at your recent digital networking event ‘Logistics in circular business models’. We were happy to be part of the conversation with several interesting perspectives on this trending topic.

Watch the webinar here >> (in Swedish)

Stefan Borg, CEO, SiB Solutions

Key takeaway from Stefan Borg, CEO, SiB Solutions:
-Circular business models make logistics an increasingly complex matter, bringing humans and machines even closer together. At SiB Solutions, we are convinced that cutting-edge technologies will play a leading role in avoiding mistrust and parties getting stuck in the supply chain blame game. As explorers, we are curiously investigating technologies like IIoT for supply chain end-to-end visibility, block chain for transparent sharing of data, computer vision for real-time visual insights and actions, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. How do we best utilize these technologies to create sustainable value for logistics-intensive companies, and their interested parties? We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the world of logistics one innovation at a time.

Published: February 29, 2024