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NYCE.LOGIC and SiB Solutions unite best-of-breed WMS and cutting-edge Intelligent Video and AI Services to enhance customers’ supply chain efficiency and visibility

NYCE.LOGIC, an industry leader in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), is delighted to partner with SiB Solutions, a global provider of Intelligent Video and AI Services. This strategic partnership will combine best-of-breed WMS technology with superior searchable visual insights into goods handling and goods movement, to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools that optimize warehouse operations and boost performance.

This partnership between two powerhouses in the warehousing and logistics technology sector was driven by a surge in demand for comprehensive, integrated supply chain solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology. By combining their expertise, NYCE.LOGIC and SiB Solutions are well positioned to help businesses of all sizes streamline their operations, level up their supply chains, and gain a competitive edge in a challenging marketplace.

The NYCE.LOGIC WMS boasts a myriad of features such as an outstanding UX, a device-agnostic cloud-based web application, an open architecture for effortless third party integrations and customizable modules such as Pick by Voice, Warehouse Automation, Dangerous Goods & ADR and many more. SiB Solutions pride themselves on offering Intelligent Video and AI Services that facilitate superior visibility, true visual evidence and insights enabling customers to take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

“We are thrilled to partner with NYCE.LOGIC,” says Stefan Borg, CEO of SiB Solutions. “We always strive to maximize value creation for our customers, and when working together with partners with this joint focus we together enable companies to see ways to streamline their warehouse operations and achieve unprecedented results. We are thrilled about the potential of this partnership to benefit our customers and both our companies.”

“We are excited by what we can achieve with SiB Solutions,” says Peter Johansson, Head of NYCE.LOGIC. “Our partnership will unify our WMS and Intelligent Video and AI Services to give our customers a powerful solution that will make their warehouses much more efficient and help them thrive in the supply chain market. I’m glad to have SiB Solutions as part of our ecosystem to support growth and strengthen our value proposition.”


NYCE.LOGIC best-of-breed WMS is scalable, which means that it ‘grows’ together with customers, either if they implement new systems such as robotics, or when their order volumes increase. NYCE.LOGIC has a hands-on, long-term approach when working together with customers. This unique setup allows customers to influence the product, and build long-term partnerships (NYCE.LOGIC proudly has had ongoing partnerships since 1998). The combination of a scalable solution, long-term partnerships and the customers’ ability to influence the product roadmap, is where NYCE.LOGIC really excels.

About SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions is a logtech company enabling flawless logistics. For companies transacting valuable goods, SiB Solutions’ Intelligent Video and AI Services provide superior visibility and insights. The unique combination of native logistics know-how and advanced technology, bundled into straightforward subscription services, provides an immediate ROI. Customers cut costs, improve margins, and strengthen their brand. It is good for business and for the environment. To continuously innovate our services, we proudly collaborate with well-known technology partners and reputable logistics players: our customers. Contact SiB Solutions >>

Published: March 5, 2024