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John Curtis, Founder of JEC Consulting Services in Atlanta, GA is one of our highly regarded referral partners with an impressive expertise and track record including:
• He is an accomplished Operations, Logistics, & Supply Chain Leader with more than three decades of proven success.
• He has more than 30+ years of full P&L responsibility for Global & Regional Networks supporting warehousing, distribution, transportation, 3rd party logistics, sales, purchasing and customer service functions.
• He is an expert in design / redesign for Warehouse, Transportation & Distribution, having worked over 25 years of developing and implementing designs that bring maximum capacity and efficiency.
• And more.

John Curtis, Founder of JEC Consulting Services

We asked John Curtis to share his view on Intelligent Video and AI Services from SiB Solutions:
Mr. John Curtis, when you were first introduced to the concept of searchable video as an enabler for flawless logistics, what were your initial thoughts?

My initial thoughts were “where was this amazing technology when my Medical Device Network was crediting customers upwards of 3,000 claims and over $1-2 MM inventory write offs on an annual basis”

 “Now I can assist my clients in having this Visual Proof using SiB Solutions through JEC Consulting Services” This technology adds another avenue for saving my clients time and money in their warehouse operations thus improving the value proposition of using my consultancy.

Today, what customer values do you believe are most compelling?

Now having the ability to have visual evidence for all picked, packed & shipped orders. This enables the Shippers and Customers to eliminate the back and forth about what really happened to their orders. Root cause will be a simple exercise so all parties can focus on corrective & preventive action not “the blame game”.

This solution also serves as proof on the outbound shipping side to have the visual evidence regarding the condition of the pallets while they were in the Shippers control. Denied freight claims will be a thing of the past with this SiB Solutions documented proof at their fingertips!

This also eliminates the inventory write offs based on not having to provide credit or additional shipments to make the customers happy. Now, with a quick review, the Shippers will have the Intelligent Video to prove exactly what happened to their orders / shipments. Reduction of a great deal of time, money and most all their company’s reputation!

What is your recommendation for logistics professionals who have not yet explored this innovative logistics technology?

I am hoping that they will reach out to us for an overview of the process and the capabilities. A 30 min. complementary call will be a great 1st step towards enabling “Flawless Logistics”. I typically review my personal experience and the need that I had for this ground-breaking technology while managing Logistics for Fortune 500 Companies over my 40+ year career.

I believe it is important to take the time to explain that this is a SaaS arrangement, there is no Capital outlay and, in most cases, a quick Return on Investment. I look forward to making sure that Logistics professionals understand the benefits of signing on with SiB Solutions and taking control of their Logistics process!

At SiB Solutions, we are honored to be represented by John Curtis and JEC Consulting Services. Together we are showing even more logistics-intensive companies how to embark on the journey towards flawless logistics.
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Published: January 15, 2024