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Skrym and SiB Solutions partner to eliminate logistics errors and stop sending air.

Companies that want to be part of the green transition of goods handling and last mile delivery should explore the full potential of logistics technology to speed up their progress towards a more sustainable way of working.

Even if your warehouse and packing process is already automated, you should engage in optimizing fill rate, reducing waste of space and packing materials, and avoiding unnecessary distributions and returns.

New innovative solutions are ready to be put into action for the good of both you and the planet. By collaborating we want to make an impact as we achieve our goals and objectives.

-Skrym and SiB Solutions share an entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by a focus on providing customer value, we’re excited to discover new opportunities together. Says René Timmermans, Head of Commercial at Skrym.

About the partnership
SiB Solutions and Skrym will explore new opportunities at companies that handle high value or fragile goods, use expensive or numerous transports or have high traceability requirements such as most e-commerce and 3PL companies. This is where a small efficiency gain in packaging optimisation and traceability quickly saves a lot of money.

-At SiB Solutions, we’re dedicated to our customer promise: One step closer to flawless logistics – every day. We’ve found a good friend in Skrym who shares our passion for flawless, profitable and greener logistics.” Says Fredrik Ek, Channel Manager at SiB Solutions.

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About Skrym

Skrym develops software solutions to increase the sustainability and efficiency of shipping packaging. Skrym analyses product dimensions and logistics processes – from ordering to packaging to delivery. Using existing data and artificial intelligence, they help customers identify the optimal package size and shape to reduce empty space during transportation. Optimal packaging leads to packaging- and transportation cost reduction and an enhanced consumer experience.

About SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions provides Intelligent Video and AI Services that give logistics-intensive companies superior visibility and insights into what happens during goods handling, including protection from fraud related to inbound logistics and returns. The result enables flawless logistics, leading to improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, superior financial performance, and more sustainable goods flows.

The company originates from Lund, Sweden with a presence in the Nordics, Benelux, UK and the USA. The company has a global reach through an extensive network of qualified partners. SiB stands for Seeing is Believing – because visual evidence is irrefutable proof about what happens in goods handling.

Published: January 17, 2024