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Here is where most logistics-intensive companies are struggling with problems, deviations and claims. Scroll down for the full picture.

Top critical areas

1. Picking

38% of errors in logistics can be related to the picking process. The picking process is where most errors occurs.

2. Transport

The second most errors occur in the transport process. This is a critical area where goods most often are exchanged and change ownership.

3. Unknown

Almost one of every sixth error are classified as “reason unknown”. Chances are big that they will happen again, keep costing the business time and money.

4. Loading

Loading is another cititcal process where goods change ownership. About 12% of all errors can be related to goods leaving the warehouse.

5. Packing

What went really into the box and in what condition? Was it the best packing material for the goods? About 8% of all errors are connected with packing.

5. Goods receiving

Sometimes flaws in logistics origins from the goods receiving, approximately 8%. These deviations quickly multiply and can be very harmful to efficiency and quality.

Source: survey by SiB Solutions and PwC/Strategy&

Staffan Persson, Logistics expert and co-founder of SiB Solutions

Published: September 9, 2021