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Together we are collaborating on a new concept including artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis. The concept brings super-power into warehouse logistics processes.

Robert Johansson, CIO at 1337 Logistics and Roger Hallberg, VP at 1337 Logistics:
-Always doing the right thing is of course the most cost-effective way there is. Since reality rarely occurs without making mistakes, it is important to work with modern technology to eliminate the moments where mistakes can easily occur.

-Together with SiB Solutions, 1337 Logistics is working on a concept that will significantly increase quality. The concept gives the operator immediate feedback if he makes a mistake. This creates support and security for the operator as well as an even better experience for the customer. AI, which is a partner in the solution, will get better and better the more it is used.

Staffan Persson, CMO, SiB Solutions:
-To proactively stop errors is a must for all companies wanting flawless logistics. We are eager to explore this new possibility together with 1337 “elite” Logistics.

-Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and intelligent video analysis become a springboard to new beneficial opportunities. The potential is enormous in terms of cutting costs and creating value.

About 1337 Logistics
1337 Logistics is a newly started business with a newly built warehouse that went live at the end of 2019. Their great passion is logistics with a focus on profitability and quality.

With a hyper modern warehouse, 1337 Logistics is a seven-party logistics company, which means that their customers only need to handle one agreement regarding logistics.

1337 Logistics takes pride in ensuring that their customers are confident in the company’s transparency, clarity, delivery quality and that customers already in advance can see clearly what the cost will be for having their logistics handled by 1337 Logistics. Learn more about the company here >>

Published: September 8, 2021