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SiB Solutions is a logtech company that combines deep logistical know-how with cutting-edge technology to help companies eliminate errors in their logistics. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and intelligent video analytics optimize logistics. With the SiB Solutions logtech platform, you can not only discover the cause of errors retroactively but you can also proactively prevent new logistics errors in real time. Combining the two enables a reduction of errors to 0%.

SiB Solutions’ services are intended for all companies that operate some form of logistics. The company’s services are specially adapted to logistics processes, such as picking, packing, consolidation and loading. Subscription-based, modular and scalable, these services can easily be customized to your business. You only pay for what you need and avoid having to make major investments at start-up. It is about securing the route of your goods, from the time they enter the warehouse until they leave it, ensuring the least possible degree of error.

“In addition to working with new technology, video and AI, the goal of our innovative approach is to discover errors. We are not content with simple optimization. We strive for error-free logistics because ‘good’ can always be ‘better’. There will always be errors to eradicate. With new technology, logistics can be error-free, at a justifiable cost,” says Stefan Borg, CEO of SiB Solutions.

Stefan Borg, CEO SiB Solutions

Stefan Borg, CEO and co-founder SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions’ intelligent services include intelligent video cameras that capture critical stages of warehouse operations, process the material and send metadata to our cloud. Here, the metadata is combined with other data and is analyzed by the SaaS (software as a service) solution’s artificial intelligence. This enables companies to gain valuable insight into what is actually happening in the various stages of the process. Staff can use this information in many different ways; they can learn to better understand the process and thus improve it and the underlying system support.

“Our services are not intended to take over the duties of the underlying control systems, but to assist and guide. Our AI software can detect in real time when things are about to go wrong, enabling us to avoid what is otherwise irritating and costly. The goal is to use AI to reduce the effect of errors or, preferably, to eliminate as many errors as we can in real time. This is the core and backbone of our service offering,” says Stefan Borg.

SiB Solutions is constantly looking ahead. The world is changing and new technological opportunities and developments are emerging. In some areas, the pace is extraordinary. Not least within edge computing where the videos are stored and locally processed.

“We have a long list of ideas that we’ll be working on in the future, but it’s important to prioritize and do things in the right order. We are still relatively new on the market, so for us it is about getting what we’ve already built to as many companies as possible, as soon as possible. At the same time, we are refining our offering to increase its competitive edge over time,” Stefan Borg says.

As a logtech company, SiB Solutions benefits from collaborating with drivers of exciting technological innovations. Axis Communications, world leaders in video technology, manufactures the cameras used by SiB Solutions and IBM provides the cloud technology, guaranteeing a high level of security and performance.

“We’re now on our way going global with our offering. We already have customers operating in the US, Southeast Asia and South America, and we have been preparing our capabilities to install globally for some time. We anticipate that our customers will want to use our services in all their warehouses around the world. We will never be satisfied, instead, we constantly strive to move forward. Our focus will remain on the vision of obtaining flawless logistics,” concludes Stefan Borg.

Writer: Isabelle Wedin

Published: September 28, 2021