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From a highly automated central warehouse, BCP delivers automotive spare parts and accessories to companies within Mekonomen Group, primarily Mekonomen and MECA.

A delay or deviation may directly affect the Group’s end customers and harming customer satisfaction. Hey – we all know that no car owner wants to be without the car longer than expected.

SiB Solutions’ service will be used to continuously improve inbound decanting, picking and transport consolidation.

– We automated to gain extra power into outstanding efficiency. Now we want extra power into equally outstanding quality, says Patrik Danielson Warehouse Manager, BCP.

– It is all about customer satisfaction and Return on Investment, adds Christofer Kohn Managing Director, BCP. If there is a chance to improvement, we go for it.

– The setup will enable BCP to analyse both the inbound and outbound flow. This allows immediate actions in both flows cutting costs and saving time, comments Staffan Persson, CMO SiB Solutions.

Thank you, BCP for trusting us into your warehouse operations. Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

Published: February  19, 2021