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➡Kick-off with intelligent video analysis: fall 2021

➡Move to new automated warehouse: 2023-24

➡The result: They can now test different services, explore, and benefit from their new logistics quality tool. All in a familiar environment without other disruptive process changes.

Christina Hall, Senior Account Manager, SiB Solutions:
– This company has a strong reputation and focus on creating value for their customers. The SLA requirements are very high and flawless logistics is one central part of this.

– Intelligent video analysis can revolutionize your quality efforts. It is super-smart to learn about the full potential firsthand in the current warehouse.

– To move a warehouse is hard work. Risks are high. The customer has given themselves a head start by subscribing to our services already before the move.

Welcome to SiB Solutions customer community! We look forward to exploring flawless logistics together with you!

Published: July  8, 2021