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Libera is a specialized competence partner in the field of logistics and production. SiB Solutions is a logtech company that offers cutting-edge Intelligent Video and AI Services. Together, we represent new opportunities for warehousing and logistics operations that really want to harness the power of skilled people and the technological transformation – at the same time.

In an age of automation, transaction-intensive companies need new insights, tools and methods to ensure optimized goods flows and good interaction between humans and machines.

Because in parallel with robots and automation doing more and more work, there is a great need for skilled employees who are ready to make a difference. Efficient, quality-assured goods handling requires the right people, processes and technologies, and as partners, Libera and SiB Solutions can help more companies with all three parts.

-We at Libera are proud of our good business understanding and clear specialization in the field of logistics and production. As an agile and flexible partner, we always want to be able to offer our customers additional value. The partnership with SiB Solutions fits very well into our thinking about the future of supply chain execution. says Per Borgegård, partner, Libera.

-Libera has a forward-leaning position as a recognized competence partner in logistics and production. Like us, their offer rests on native logistics know-how. It will be exciting to meet companies together. Seeing is Believing. It’s true for handling of deviations, claims and root cause analysis, as well as a way to boost employees’ learning. Says Fredrik Ek, Channel Manager, SiB Solutions. 

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About Libera

Libera is a competence company with a focus on logistics and production with a primary base in Stockholm, Mälardalen and Örebro. The company is run by a management with roots in the staffing and logistics industry since a decade ago. Libera stands for delivery – something we have been successful in since the start. 

About SiB Solutions

SiB Solutions provides Intelligent Video and AI Services that give logistics-intensive companies superior visibility and insights into what happens during goods handling, including protection from fraud related to inbound logistics and returns. The result enables flawless logistics, leading to improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, superior financial performance, and more sustainable goods flows.

The company originates from Lund, Sweden with a presence in the Nordics, Benelux, UK and the USA. The company has a global reach through an extensive network of qualified partners. SiB stands for Seeing is Believing – because visual evidence is irrefutable proof about what happens in goods handling.

Published: March 4, 2024