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PostNord TPL in media, talks about intelligent video analysis

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“Using video analysis in logistics can have unexpected effects – such as reducing transport costs by 15 percent, something PostNord TPL AB has done for Bauhaus e-commerce logistics.”  Daniel Burström på Postnord TP

PostNord TPL, a SiB Solutions customer, in interview with Swedish logistics newsportal Dagens Logistik. Read full article here >>

Article written by Hilda Hultén, Dagens Logistik.

Intro in Swedish: “Sedan ett år tillbaka använder Postnord TPL nätverkskameror vid Bauhaus e-handelslager i Norrköping, för att kunna dokumentera, analysera och förbättra logistikprocesser. “Den största vinsten finns på fraktsidan, vi har sänkt transportkostnaderna med 15 procent” berättar Daniel Burström på Postnord TPL.” Read full article here >>

(Intro here above is translated by SiB Solutions)

SiB Solutions awarded Catalyst by Business Sweden

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We are proud to share that SiB Solutions has been awarded Catalyst by Business Sweden.

Stefan Borg, CEO SiB Solutions: SiB Solutions was founded to change the world of logistics through ground-breaking technology.

-This is a renowned confirmation of us addressing a global problem, having a global mindset and a scalable business model.

Passionate about enabling flawless logistics, we now look forward to exploring new opportunities in the USA.

Contact Stefan Borg for more information.

About Catalyst programme by Business Sweden
“The Catalyst programme helps the top ten percent of Swedish tech companies to scale their business globally at the right moment with the support of top-notch mentors and advisors. (…) Catalyst is part of the Going global initiative.” Learn more >>

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Bileko Car Parts (BCP) signs deal with SiB Solutions

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From a highly automated central warehouse, BCP delivers automotive spare parts and accessories to companies within Mekonomen Group, primarily Mekonomen and MECA.

A delay or deviation may directly affect the Group’s end customers and harming customer satisfaction. Hey – we all know that no car owner wants to be without the car longer than expected.

SiB Solutions’ service will be used to continuously improve inbound decanting, picking and transport consolidation.

– We automated to gain extra power into outstanding efficiency. Now we want extra power into equally outstanding quality, says Patrik Danielson Warehouse Manager, BCP.

– It is all about customer satisfaction and Return on Investment, adds Christofer Kohn Managing Director, BCP. If there is a chance to improvement, we go for it.

– The setup will enable BCP to analyse both the inbound and outbound flow. This allows immediate actions in both flows cutting costs and saving time, comments Staffan Persson, CMO SiB Solutions.

Thank you, BCP for trusting us into your warehouse operations. Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

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Global manufacturer signs deal with SiB Solutions

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The scope is worldwide spare part logistics both inside the group’s network and to external customers.

This company operates in a highly competitive and regulated industry. The need for excellent logistics processes cannot be underestimated.

With video, data and knowledge this global leader aims to set a new quality standard; cutting costs, saving time and to reduce risk related to a larger IT-project, says Staffan Persson.

SiB Solutions are honored to be trusted into this great company’s logistics operations. Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day. Welcome!

Use intelligent video analysis, IIoT and AI in your logistics processes to see what went wrong and prevent it from happening again. SiB Solutions’ intelligent logtech platform is subscription based, modular and scalable. Learn more >>

Christmas greeting

Christmas Greeting

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2020 turned out to be a very challenging year for many and organisations like Doctors Without Borders need our support more than ever. Please join SiB Solutions and contribute to Doctors Without Borders, or any other organisation that is dedicated to helping people in need. The real heroes of our time!

Christmas 2020

SiB Solutions on AI Startup Landscape

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We are delighted to announce that SiB Solutions is part of the first version of the Swedish AI Startup landscape:-)

The map is an initiative led by AI Sweden, Ignite Sweden and RISE, and part of an ongoing European initiative to create a landscaping of AI startups in each country. It has been curated by investors, large companies, academia, startups and incubators.

SiB Solutions member of SynerLeap

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SiB Solutions has been approved as member of ABBs growth hub SynerLeap. ABB’s innovation growth hub helps startups accelerate and expand on a global market. SynerLeap offers a unique access to ABB’s networks, clients and technology and help startups take the big leap.

JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis

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JF Hillebrand gain effeciency with Intelligent Video Analysis

JF Hillebrand spent a vast number of hours every week trying to find pallets that were object for reclaims by manually searching for time stamps in the WMS activity log. These time stamps were then inserted into the video surveillance system and by fast forwarding or rewind finding the reclaimed pallet on film. Logistics Manager Mr. Kenneth Ullenius wanted a solution to cut all those hours spent by consultants trying to find single pallets within a customized double lane wrapping automation, that he designed. This automation handles up to five thousand pallets per week.

How come you spent all this time searching for pallets in a video system?

  • Since we have high value goods with tax regulations, it is of utmost importance to have good control of what has left the warehouse and in what shape. If we get any reclaims, we need to verify what has happened and if we need to do any changes to avoid reoccurrences. It’s all about control of quality in the deliveries and having confirmation if the reclaim is valid or not.

What did you find in the Intelligent Video Analysis from SiB Solutions?

  • First of all, I was surprized by the short project for such a technical solution. The pallets are scanned with advanced scanners on their way to the wrapping machines in two separate lanes. They are identified by the scanner and filmed during the wrapping procedure. We also covered the manual wrapping station, adding scanning even to this operation. We link the videos with the order information system to gain identification. All in all, it did not take more than a couple of weeks to complete this, and it all worked spotless from day one.

So, what is gained in terms of efficiency?

  • With the solution from SiB Solutions we spend minimal time investigating reclaims and use that time to focus on gaining even higher quality in our deliveries. We simply enter the pallet id and instantly get the video sequence showing the correct pallet without any need to manually search in several systems.

JF Hillebrand is one of the world’s largest logistics company specializing in beer, wine and distilled spirits. The company provides airfreight, inland transport, warehousing, insurance, and inventory management. It is based in Mainz, Germany, and their Swedish operation and warehouse is based in Jordbro, south of Stockholm.

SiB Solutions at 2020 Logistics & Transport

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November 3-4 you will meet us at the Logistik & Transport fair in Gothenburg. We would like to meet you and discuss how we can contribute with the latest groundbreaking technology from SiB Solutions that will enable you to cut cost, reduce carbon footprint and strengthen your brand.