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– Scania Parts Logistics is committed to the distribution of all Scania parts. We are the beating, logistical heart of the entire Scania Group when it comes to parts distribution, says Anders Nilsson, Director Warehouse Operations.

– Now we are eager to explore the benefits with SiB Solutions’ intelligent video services and AI. We see great potential in terms of quality control, customer care and process improvement.

– We warmly welcome Scania Parts Logistics to our customer community! We have seen dramatic effects and several unexpected outcomes when delivering projects within the automotive industry. It will be very exciting to follow how we can support Scania in their daily work of delivering premium quality, says Urban Kindström, Global Account Director at SiB Solutions.

Scania Parts Logistics subscribes to a PoC of intelligent video services for warehouse logistics.

In photo from left: Urban Kindström (SiB Solutions), Faye Geelissen (Group Manager, Scania), Veerle Rakels (SPS Specialist, Project Manager, Scania), Anders Nilsson (Director Warehouse Operations)

Thank you, Scania Parts Logistics for trusting us into your logistics operations! Together we will take one step closer to flawless logistics – every day.

Photo by Lennart Bergström, SiB Solutions AB

Published: April 14, 2021