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At SiB Solutions we make it a priority to contribute to students’ learning and achievements. It’s on our sustainability agenda.

We do it to promote education, to act for job opportunities and skills development in society, to get involved in the local community – and to promote personal growth at the workplace. Because by engaging with students, we ourselves get immediate access to new knowledge and fresh ideas.

It’s a win-win-win, and it is a lot of fun. Like last week when we were invited to hold a guest lecture at Logistics Service Management program at Campus Helsingborg, LTH Faculty of Engineering.

– Guest lectures, interviews, internships, summer work, master thesis, Lundakarnevalen, and even as a dragon in a student dragons den contest. We keep an open mind about how to collaborate with students. While we sometimes must decline due to bandwidth, we absolutely appreciate being invited onto different projects. Now I think it is about time to engage more with student outside of Sweden too. The best way to contact us is via the contact form on the website. Says Catarina Malmsten, CBO at SiB Solutions.

Catarina Malmsten, SiB Solutions

Published: May 22, 2023.