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This year, the Ideon Science Park celebrates its 40th anniversary. SiB Solutions is proud bronze sponsor of the anniversary.

“SiB Solutions started at Ideon incubator, and we are still proud members of the vibrant community. The park has arenas to interact with startups, tech giants and the university on a daily basis. We appreciate that the Ideon team has set out to be a frontrunner in fostering innovation and we are looking forward to celebrating and creating new opportunities together during 2023 and beyond.” Stefan Borg, CEO SiB Solutions.

“We are extremely happy to have SiB Solutions as our partner when we celebrate Ideon Science Park 40th anniversary. The corporate engagements are the proof of us having right focus as a science park, facilitating growth and success. SiB Solutions is one of these. We are looking forward creating opportunities throughout the year, bringing value in any way we can.” Lotta Wessfeldt, Interim CEO Ideon Scinece Park.

Welcome to join the celebrations you too!

Published: February 16, 2023